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Different Types of Marble Flooring Dubai

White marble is a classic choice. The contrast between the marble's white and darker veins makes it popular. Popular choices for a clean, timeless look include:

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Calacatta is an Italian variety. This Italian classic is one of the most popular white marble stones, used in classical Rome, the Renaissance, and the Baroque. Luxury marble with light grey veins flecked with amber and gold.

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Bianco Carrara marble is white-grey. It has thin, feathery veins, unlike other marbles. Bianco Carrara marble is classified by its whiteness. Carrara marble was used to create the Renaissance sculpture of David.

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Statuario is another Italian white marble tile. Statuario is so-called because sculptors prized it for carving. This Dubai flooring variety features dark grey veins on a light background.

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Bianco Lasa

Bianco Lasa is a white marble with character. You'll often see soft combinations of whites and greys interspersed with one or two thick black veins.

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Marble mystery

A minimalist's dream. If you like marble tile but don't want too many patterns, Mystery White is a good choice for brightening your home.

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Triana Amarillo

The most popular yellow marble is Amarillo Triana. This yellow marble is perfect for homeowners who want flooring in Dubai with personality.

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Spanish Gold is a subdued yellow. This bronze hue looks good with any finish. Uniform base with white streaks.

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Sasso Rosso

This Italian red adds colour to interior and exterior floors.

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Marble Domvrena

Domvrena Red marble from Greece can enliven a dull room. This unique stone has red, white, and brown spots.

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San Marcos Marble

Another popular Dubai flooring option is Rosa San Marcos Marble. Its deep red veins are surrounded by swirls of pink, cream, and light red.

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Coral Rojo

This pale red is great for earthy or desert-themed homes. The marble's white streaks create a unique blend of reds and whites.

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Blue Sodalite

Blue Sodalite combines calcite, pyrite, and lazulite to create a cobalt sea with golden waves. This type of marble flooring Dubai rejuvenates bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Marble's benefits

Marble is highly durable and one of the most resistant stones on the planet. Since Greek and Roman times, marble has been one of our favorite building materials.

Marble is heat-resistant and scratch, crack, and break-proof. With so many ancient marble structures still standing, a marble floor is a great investment.


Marble is a timeless, elegant, and durable home addition. This guide should help you navigate the various marble options and choose the best one for your home.


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